Everybody Everywear: Green!

The challenge? Green.

I could have dressed in head-to-toe green. I thought about it. I nearly did it. Green is my fiance’s favorite color. Like FAVORITE FAVORITE color. He lavishes my green eyes with praise. Our bedroom and bathroom are both green. He has only green pens at his desk. He dresses in head-to-toe green often. He has these super bright neon color green athletic shoes that he loves. He loves green. I’m not that wild about it myself. Not at all! But I do like it – it is my second favorite color after red-orange, followed closely by purple or red-purple.

Anyway. Needless to say doing a green challenge wasn’t actually a challenge. I could have done the easy route. I didn’t want to. I wanted to challenge myself. So I did one thing that I love but never do – I colorblocked. It’s a difficult thing for me but since it’s actually been trendy for a while it has been much easier finding plus size clothes that will work. Usually I’m stuck with a lot of neutrals.

And it is super warm today! The high is supposed to be 78. CRAZY! So I knew it was safe to break out these brand new capris I just got on sale last week. What do you think? Did I do okay? I think I should have done something with the bolero/cardigan to emphasis my waist (or worn a belt) since this button down is so boxy. But other than that I am very happy with it!

Incidentally I’m Irish (actually half German, half Irish but I digress since St. Patty’s Day is approaching – I do the German thing in September/October). Matter of fact I was playing around with the Ancestry.com iPad app last night and discovered so many neat things about my ancestors. Granted my maternal mother’s line has already been traced by a great-uncle of mine back to the 1300s in Germany so I know all about them. I was instead following my maternal father’s side and discovered which ancestors it was that hailed from Ireland. My great-great grandmother Jennie actually. Though I don’t know where since all I found was the census record which listed her place of birth and I’m not sure of her maiden name without doing actual research (this was just stuff that popped up after I put in the little information I knew from her headstone). It didn’t take long for me to be enraptured. But then again I always have been. I have some fascinating individuals in my tree and would love to explore them more. Maybe one day.


Purple (red-purple) long sleeve button down: Target (February 2012)
Green cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Blue capris: Lane Bryant (March 2012)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Grouped Multichain necklace: Lane Bryant (August 2010)
Hoops: No idea when or where but at least 7 or 8 years old


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10 thoughts on “Everybody Everywear: Green!

    • One of favorites! That’s one thing green-eyed people are supposed to do to bring out the green of their eyes – wear purple shadow and liner. It works!


    • Try it! However depending on where you live – ahem Boringville USA like me – you might get strange looks for doing something this bold. I have seriously gotten some weird looks!


    • Thank you! Part of why I started to blog my outfits was because I was bored with wearing the same old same old all the time so challenging myself helps. And I agree it’s an uber-strange obsession with green! At least I know that if I am buying him something I know what color to get!


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