My Week in Photos

Busy week!

  • I got an iPad 2! I took advantage of the fact that the next generation is coming out this week and bought an “older” model at a reduced price. I’ve wanted one for 2 years now and it’s time. It will be super awesome to have on the trip to Las Vegas. I do not need the improved graphics or camera – I have a 4S after all and will never be taking photos with this thing.
  • I bought a shoe clip I turned into a hair comb. I am seriously debating whether it needs feathers or something. I kinda like how it looks without them though.
  • Blizzard is seriously hard up for players! Wowza! Granted this is some scroll that is now in game but still…the perks! $100 worth of perks!!
  • Bacon frosting. Bacon Mints. Dill Pickle Mints. Ranch Dressing Mints. YUCK! GAG GAG!!
  • I went to the Durham Museum with my future mother-in-law and saw the costume exhibit again (saw it in December). This time a lot fewer people. And the details were fabulous! We then also checked out Second Chance (local rummage/vintage/junk shop – where I got the shoe clip up above). We both walked out of there with a few things, no surprise there. She then treated me to lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery. Love that place! Had a fantastic burger with coleslaw. Coleslaw with apples and raisins too. My fiance hates having fruit in coleslaw but I say bring it on.
  • We – the fiance and I – went out to eat at Kona Grill. Never been there before and probably never will again. The food was great but the service was AWFUL! It took an hour to get a table (told us 20 minutes at the door) and the servers were so busy that we didn’t see our waiter much. No one in the restaurant seemed to so it wasn’t personal. We tipped well enough but I wasn’t happy. I had the steak sandwich (oh definitely!) and he had the pad thai (also great!). And their iced tea was fabulous. I can’t say that about everywhere. It was just the terrible service.