My Week in Photos

Exhausting week. Lots of errands, lots to do, lots to handle and a long week at work. I also got some spring/summer clothes in the mail that I ordered online. Too cold right now but I’m excited as they are smashing!

  • Our wedding invites have a bunch of vintage stamps on them for postage. Usually 3 or 4 on each envelope. Been trendy for awhile now but it looks good with all the other vintage pieces and parts in the invite. Well I needed more postage! Ran clean out. So I bought a nice bit of stock from Pack and Post on Etsy. She packages them so nicely and I love getting purchases from her! She even writes out each line of my address in different font. Love it!
  • Vintage hair comb with one missing stone. Sigh. I bought it thinking I would wear it for the wedding but it’s too big (it’s the same size as my hand!), too much. It won’t work. Not going to stop me from wearing it in general though!
  • King Bread from the local grocery store for Mardi Gras. Oh we are so far from New Orleans that it’s not even funny. I was lucky to find this. Except you will notice that the “baby” is actually made of sugar and sitting on the top. Whatever.
  • Prime Rib at Cascio’s in Little Italy (though I doubt there are very many Italians left in that part of town). Cascio’s was established in 1946 and while it definitely has that old school steakhouse feel and menu – it was good. And they actually brought me a rare prime rib! I get sick of restaurants that don’t give me the rare (or medium-rare) that I like. It’s almost always wrong.
  • Chinese dinner at Crystal Jade. It was okay though the food was a little cold and the service terrible. Won’t stop us from going back though. We always give restaurants at least 2 shots before deciding never again. Maybe our waitress was just having an off night.
  • These are so not fortunes! Heck even “in bed” doesn’t make these better!
  • My nails. It’s off now, didn’t last long. It chipped too easily. It’s “I’m With Brad” by OPI for Sephora and some nearly-white color by Orly – I’m not sure of the name.
  • Bérénice Bejo’s hair at the Oscars last night. This is very close to what I want for my wedding…so very close except with bangs (oh yes, I want to rock the bangs) and possibly some hair “glitter” (aka jewels in the rhinestone family) or a flower. Not sure if it’s too much. Perhaps. Oh and maybe a braid on the other side too. Again close. * picture filed away to show my stylist the day of*