Friend Friday: Tools

Now that this is once a month I should be able to keep up!

What are the tools you use to blog?
I’ll list them, it’s easier and I’m lazy!

  • a fantastic desktop computer bought initially to play World of Warcraft so it’s got a fabulously oversized screen, lots of memory, fast, etc. It’s perfect for gaming which means it’s overkill for blogging!
  • WordPress where I host my blog
  • I used to use Picnik to process my photos (just cropping, color correction, zap a pimple or two and altering the size of the photo). But since it’s closing in April I’m not sure what I will use. Probably I’ll just go back to Paint.Net as I know how to use that program. Maybe one day I will invest in Photoshop.
  • A tripod with a Nikon Coolpix S6000 point and shoot camera. I love it in general but I do not love it for outfit photos. Kinda a pain to use for that.
  • My iPhone 4S complete with photo apps like Hipstagram and Instamatic (usually the 2 I use). I love iPhotography! There are amazing apps out there that do incredible things. And having my iPhone with me all the time means that I get photos. Usually anyway.

What technology item is on your wish-list?
iPad. I could do so much more with an iPad. I avoid using my iPhone as I hate composing more than a few paragraphs. I hate formatting photos and posts. I have a laptop that I never use (I should just sell the damn thing) as it is a 17 inch and the battery is shot. It’s a pain to take anywhere. But an iPad – oh I could do so very much with an iPad. Nevermind lusting just for general lusting.

Through the barrage of posts, tweets, pics, poses, messages, etc…how do you avoid becoming a slave to the constant infiltration of information?
I check my email, my Facebook and Twitter when *I* feel like it. Usually it’s every couple of hours or when I’m bored. If I have other stuff to do I do that instead. The internet can wait. It’s not going anywhere. And if you check out either my Twitter feed or this blog’s Facebook page you will see I don’t update much. That’s how I like to keep it.

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