Daily Outfit: Black & Blue

New glasses…but don’t expect me to actually wear them. It’s the same prescription as my normal specs but they are frameless. I bought them as a back-up pair and to wear for the wedding.

Yes, I am wearing my glasses for the wedding.

I don’t do contacts as up until the last few years I couldn’t – I wore bifocals until I was 18. And then astigmatism in both eyes caused further issues with having contacts. I thinks it’s just been within the last 4 (5? 6?) years or so that I was even eligible to have contacts. And by now I am skeeved out of touching my eye and I’m used to the glasses. I just wanted to minimize the “dating” of the photos even though they will date themselves. Fashions change after all and nothing is “timeless” (bleg…I hate that line of thinking in regards to weddings. I like seeing the passing of time!).

Anyhow I wanted to see what they looked like in photos and it seems to be just fine! On my face is another story. I have to wear Coke bottle lens and it takes me several days to get used to them, all while getting migraines doing it. I’m not sure I will do that to myself in Vegas. Maybe just for the ceremony and photos…

Anyhow aside from the glasses everything is done! No really! Brad bought his attire this last weekend, we paid off the last bits and pieces and everything about my attire is sorted and laying in a box. Heck the shower his aunt wants to give us has been cemented with a date and time. Now to finish that registry…not quite there…yet…

Er…I just realized I only spoke about the wedding. Damn it. I promise not to do it so much! SWEAR!


Blue long sleeve button down oxford: Avenue (December 2011)
Black crochet see-thru short sleeve sweater: Lane Bryant (February 2012)
Thin black slim leg dress slacks: Avenue (December 2011)
Raindrop necklace: Evans UK (Feb 2011)
Art Deco crystal dangle earrings: Forever 21 (September 2011)
Black bow wedges: Payless (February 2012)



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