Daily Outfit: Check out the Necklace!

Ya know I completely missed it but it’s been a year since I started posting my outfits here. A year! And coincidentally it’s also been exactly 4 years since I started this blog. Most of that has been moved to a defunct foodie blog (check the About Me page if you actually care) but still. Wow. How time flies! This is my 106th outfit posted BTW. At least if I’ve been careful about categorizing them correctly! It snuck up on me so quickly I didn’t even think about doing a giveaway. Probably some other time.

Changing topics entirely…last night I went to the vigil for my co-worker’s father. Cancer. And quick too. Months. I feel for my co-worker. His father was an interesting man for sure. But it has made me think about life. And love. And just getting more out of life than I put in. There is still so much I want to see. So much left for me to experience. I think it’s time to get on some of that. ASAP.

For now though let’s talk about this necklace shall we? I mean come on. How cool is this thing? I actually wore it home from the store I was that much in love with it. This entire outfit is indeed planned around the necklace…I wanted to draw attention to it. How did I do?


Green hanky hem gathered tee: Evans UK (April 2011)
Khaki asymmetrical military jacket: Lane Bryant (August 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Brown lace-up Riding boots: Avenue (Oct 2010)
Long triangular dangly chain choker: Charming Charlies (January 2012)
Brown elastic headband: Ulta (summer 2011)



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