Daily Outfit: Feeling AWESOME in Stripes

I felt AWESOME in this outfit. Not just awesome but AWESOME! Seriously this was fantastic!

And the best part? I figured out how to deal with the very wide neck on this striped tunic without changing the neckline at all! Very happy that I happened to have a black sleeveless tank in my closet made of the same material. My only complaint with this entire thing is that the zipper broke on the skirt! It split! And it split so badly I now have to replace the zipper! Sigh. And since I don’t feel like doing this myself (I hate replacing zippers!) I guess this skirt is out of commission until I take it to the tailor. Otherwise I have to say, this skirt is beautiful! It fits great, looks amazing and is actually rather versatile with the length – anywhere from just below knee-length to just above depending on where you sit the waist. Not all my skirts have been that accommodating. Oh yes I need to get the zipper replaced and STAT!

I have to say this outfit is probably one of my favorites of all time. Saying I felt amazing is an understatement. I felt like I could conquer the world in this! And yes I know I need to smile more (I got called out on Pinterest and she is right!) but I’m not a teeth smiler and I am a squinty eye smiler so I try to avoid smiling too much so I don’t end up with squinty eyes in my photos – it doesn’t look good. But this post illustrates perfectly why I should smile since without me telling you how happy this made me you would never know. But I digress…

Oh the shoes have glitter on the soles – which you can’t see of course. I’ll show you my DIY tomorrow on them. Needless to say – glitter is also awesome!


Asymmetrical black and white striped long sleeve tee: City Chic (January 2012)
Black sleeveless top: gift (summer 2011)
Black pencil skirt with back zipper: City Chic (January 2012)
Plain Black Tights: Avenue (Jan 2011)
Black Mary Janes with DIY glitter soles: Payless (February 2009)
Abalone shell necklace: DIY special of mine (June 2005)