My Week in Photos

Oh hi there. Remember me? No? I used to be that girl who would post stuff here? Yeah her…er…me.

I know. I posted last Monday and then just…NOTHING. I got sick. It was either the flu or a severe headcold of some kind (I had flu-like symptoms and did not get a flu shot) and I just didn’t have it in me to post anything. I didn’t even get to go outside!! And last week was BEAUTIFUL! Mid-60s all week…sigh…which means my update is going to bore you…

  • I was watching something, I can’t remember what, and they were talking about using contrasting make-up from your eye color. So I took a photo to make it easy on myself. This is my natural color – no filters of any kind, no flash – and taken in natural sunlight. When I was little I would tell everyone it was the color of squashed frogs! 😀 I usually just tell people it’s green now. What color do you think it is?
  • I was sick right so this is what I did for 5 days straight…read on my Nook, watched TV and blew my nose. Gross yes.
  • It snowed on Saturday! Luckily I got to work ok and the day was not awful. But did it ever cause a mess!
  • Brad and Me. He’s so cute! Only Super Bowl photo I got. We went over to his parents to snack and watch it there.
  • Even being sick there were 2 movies I had to see! Chronicle was ok, short IMO, but decent. They could have fleshed them out more. Woman in Black was CREEPY and SCARY! I liked it!
  • I worked on the wedding invites. Got the labels on, the enclosures tied up with string (they are designed as little postcards so the idea is a stack of postcards – clever yeah?) and got everything set. Other than double checking the contents and sealing I believe it’s a done deal!
  • Not pictured: I ordered my fiance shoes from Zappos on Monday night, about 5:15 PM Central Time. The box was put in my hand at 2 pm the next day. NO JOKE! Damn that’s great service!



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