Daily Outfit: Off The Shoulder

I promise I’ll get to the outfit but first I shocked myself tonight and wanted to mention it. I discovered that short of booking the limo and paying off our ceremony (not much left to pay) we are DONE planning and paying for the wedding. Aside from the credit card bill that will be paid off next month at any rate. It’s bizarre being done. I even finished my bouquet tonight. The fiance still needs to buy his clothes and shoes (has his tie) though. And we still need to buy some more luggage. We both are *only* carry-on packers – it’s a pain in the ass checking backs and I hate it with a passion. But I do not think my bouquet will get through normal carry-on security and we may have stuff to bring back so a few things are getting checked. But I am still bringing the majority of it on my flight with me and making sure my bag is well labelled inside and out. I haven’t lost a bag yet and I’m not bound to start now! Oh and we booked non-stop flights. That should help. But boy it’s weird. This is going to happen. And we have just a little over 120 days left too. Yikes!

Now to avoid talking about the wedding too much on to the clothes! I am in love with this sweater! Massive big time love! And the sleeves are long enough as well! Too bad it’s a little tight and if I’m not careful it will show all of my lumps and bumps easily. This outfit was a breeze too. The pants and shoes were worn to work so all I had to do to get ready for date night was toss on the sweater & belt. Fantastic! Though I don’t think you will be seeing these pants any time soon. They are very thin and very light – perfect to wear to work in the summer. So that is probably where they will stay.

Oh and did you see that Capitol Couture (The Hunger Games movie fashion tie-in Tumblr) is up? If not go check it out now! My feelings won’t be hurt. 😀 I can not *wait* for this movie. Gee I sound like I’m 12!


Purple/gray off the shoulder/wide cowl neck long sleeve sweater: Torrid (January 2012)
Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Thin black slim leg dress slacks: Avenue (December 2011)
Black Double Buckle Belt: Torrid (Jan 2011)
Black bow flats: Payless (August 2011)
Metal net necklace with fringe of beads: Forever 21 (Sept 2011)