My Week in Photos

Errand week!

  • If you haven’t seen this scene from The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon apologizes to Amy with a tiara go watch it now! Even if you are not a fan it’s too much fun! Best.Amy.scene.ever! Well I posted about this scene on Facebook the night it premiered. Then I sorted through tiaras at Etsy and posted about that. THEN my co-workers asked me about finding the tiara and if I had. Ultimately it was decided – after a long LONG discussion – that tiaras are awesome. Of course they are! A few days later I went to Hobby Lobby for flowers to finish up my bouquet and they had all wedding items for half off including tiaras. So I bought one! And promptly posted it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Of course.
  • I had to go to the dealership to get a recalled part replaced. It wasn’t a big deal and I only waited an hour. They had a fantastic coffee machine where I got chai latte! A big display of chrome hub caps on the wall though were beautiful and interesting enough to take photos of.
  • Barnes and Noble for chai and some books – some wedding, some not.
  • I made bentos! For those who now visit due to my fashion/style blogging this blog actually began as a bento blog years and years ago. I stopped doing bento (too much of a pain) and started buying more frozen crap in a box and fast food. I decided last week I am sick of that and made bentos for our lunches instead. It was a success! But boy am I rusty!
  • Saw The Iron Lady with my future-mother-in-law. A little bit boring – it is a movie about a politician who is still alive – but I did like it.
  • I also saw Underworld: Awakening. Too short! There were like 3 acts (maybe 4) and nothing really got resolved. It felt like a bridge movie.
  • My brand new purse! This thing is actually super bright and teal colored! Got it at Charming Charlies.
  • A BBQ chicken tender sandwich at Buffalo Wings & Rings. It’s a local place and quite good.