My Week in Photos

I notice I never take pictures of people. I wonder why that is.

  • Last Tuesday was BEAUTIFUL and warm for January (mid-50s) so I took several additional photos of outfits I’ve been wearing in one marathon session. I am going to try keeping this up for the duration of the winter so that I don’t freeze my bum off but I still get decent outside shots. Rest assured I have worn all the outfits I picture just not necessarily when I take the photo. This was true last summer too as it was too hot to take photos outside and I live in a very dark basement apartment.
  • I hit up the local Japanese grocery store in town. I adore Japanese food (sushi is probably my favorite food) and several years ago this blog was actually a bento and foodie blog. I stopped doing bento after a while as it was too time consuming. But I have now decided to move back into taking bento for my lunches. They are healthier and I eat much less and am much less hungry when I bring a properly prepared one. I am sure I will photography some here and there. I even got a new bento box though I still have all my old boxes and things.
  • Grocery shopping. Eh. The line was long and I was bored. Besides I thought this turned out a pretty photo.
  • Inside the car at the car wash…see above!
  • I made some of the best chili with beans last week. I have to say I’m loving the foodie filter on Hipstamatic. It turns out perfectly colored food photos nearly every time with just the right amount of blur on the edges.
  • We went out to eat at Old Chicago for Thai Pie pizza. Broccoli on pizza? Chili oil? Yup. And it’s the BEST!
  • Wedding planning and car insurance shopping. Last week we even cashed in on Groupons for the family to go to the Grand Canyon. We are going to tie up a few other loose ends this week like reserving the restaurant. And as for car insurance that is what I am doing with my day. Sigh. My old company raised the rates and no way am I allowing them to stick it to me. So on the search. I will have car insurance by tonight. And maybe a new rental insurance agreement as well since that seems to be helpful in saving money and my policy is up for renewal.