Everybody Everywear: Black and White

Honestly I know this challenge is a challenge for some people but not for me. If you’ve seen any of my outfits you would know that much I hope! So instead I challenged myself to wear something I don’t usually or have never worn. Hence this skirt and these boots. I love the boots, very much so, but they are rubber rain boots and with my surgeries these last 4 months I never wore them but once, right before, as they are difficult to get on with one hand. And now that I’ve had use of my both my hands it hasn’t been rainy or snowy enough to wear them. 😦 That’s not going to stop me though!

As for the skirt I thrifted it last month and this is its first appearance. It’s double-sided – you can see the black and white polka dots side peeking out the bottom as it has a ruffle – and I totally intend to wear it that way soon. But this side appealed to me today.

To change gears a bit this next month is going to be insane and I just need to blurt it out somewhere. We are getting married in Las Vegas in May and aside from our dress (my ensemble and his casual attire) and the company we have contracted with for the ceremony/photos everything else is up in the air including reservations for the reception restaurant (we know where I just haven’t started the process for the group reservation), hotel (not sure on this yet though we have some definite choices) and airfare accommodations (though we know we are flying Southwest we haven’t booked yet) as well as activities to do there. Except we are lining up the Grand Canyon trip information tonight. Basically what I’m saying is that in less than a month (probably by the end of this month) everything will be set in stone and paid for. Deep breathes. Deep breathes. I get anxious spending a lot of money all at once, especially on something like this.

But it should be so much fun!! I wanted to do an Elvis ceremony at Graceland (and have since I was a teenager) but it got vetoed so we are doing something else equally as cheesy (in my book anyway). My co-worker however is also getting married in Las Vegas – 2 weeks before me and she is doing the whole Elvis thing. I’ll just have to live vicariously through her wedding! And I found out yesterday that this same co-worker and a co-worker of my fiance’s are actually besties. He works at a massive company (around 5,000 employees) and I work at a rather small one (around 100-ish employees) so the fact that a close co-worker of his and mine are good friends just blows my mind. Giant small town I live in I tell ya. At any rate I’ll definitely share more details about my wedding once some things have been finalized – I’m just freaking out about doing it!


Black pullover long sleeve sweater: Thrifted (dunno…I think at least before 2007)
Black & white double-sided pull-on skirt: Thrifted (December 2011)
Plain Black Tights: Avenue (Jan 2011)
Black Aussie Dogs lace-up rainboots: 6PM (September 2011)
Long (all the same chain) Multi-chain necklace: Charming Charlies (July 2011)
Crystal bracelets: Torrid (April 2011)


Honestly this outfit began with another set of black heels/pumps but I wanted to be comfortable as the rest of the outfit is like wearing super comfortable pajamas. Then it shifted to my new Christmas black boots. Except they sent me the wrong size! The box is correct, the size is not and they don’t fit. I am very very sad about that I assure you and I will be seeing if they can send me the proper size. But my eyes fell upon these and since I hadn’t worn them in a while I knew these were perfect.

I hope the whole thing together doesn’t scream mid-1990s too much though.


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