My Week in Photos

I did lots more than this – I just forgot to take photos. For example I went out to eat to 3 separate places, totally by accident, and didn’t take a photo of a single thing. Including an incredibly brunch at a local joint (Bailey’s for those in Omaha) – they make the BEST hollandaise sauce. THE BEST! Anyhow…

  • I had my very last ever appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon and my carpal tunnel – I have been deemed cured. And check out the scars…they healed beautifully!!
  • I worked on my bouquet some more. I have since taken it apart and redone it twice since this photo but this is the jist. I need more fake realistic flowers. I still have tons of brooches and clip on earrings to incorporate and it needs to be bigger.
  • I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out my closets and re-watching season 1 of Downtown Abbey to prepare for Season 2 which premiered last night. God I love this show. And as for cleaning out the closets I got lots of ideas for outfits. I’m amazingly inspired!
  • Preview of one of my outfits I wore this weekend. The boots and sweater are both from my after Christmas shopping and I can’t wait to show this off! I am so in love with the boots it’s sick! Since tomorrow is Everybody Everywear I think I’ll post photos of this red based outfit on Thursday (but no promises!).
  • Taking out the stitching on my new coat pockets. I think this is probably my least favorite part of buying a new wool or formal press item.
  • Not shown: I went shopping and bought a few things. Guess you will have to wait and see what. Especially since that is it for my shopping for awhile. I have a wedding to pay for and I keep blowing my dough. I have to knock that crap off!