My Christmas Gift Card Purchases

I like to take advantage of all the sales just after Christmas (who doesn’t want to save money?) and use up any gift cards I may have gotten. Especially since we still have another 3-ish months of winter left and sweaters and the like are dirt cheap right now.

I was gifted several gift cards and have now spent them all. Only one of these I have in my possession (and it fits great!) but the rest are still coming in the mail so I’m not sure about fit, etc yet but this is what I ordered:

First and foremost these Doc Martens. Oy boy! I’ve been lusting for awhile but they dropped in price significantly and I really needed winter boots. So happy about getting these so I hope I love them as much in person as I do on the screen!

But I also got all this:
Christmas Gift Card purchases
The tweed coat was picked up at Target (in person) and the rest was purchased from Avenue (online). The Avenue items are arriving late this week and I’m most nervous about the boots and the pants fitting. I have meaty calves and boots don’t always fit how I would imagine them to. Likewise I’m tall and I have a butt so pants don’t always fit right either. Guess we shall see!


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