Daily Outfit: Warm Business Dress

I got called in to work on my day off and as a result I had about 15 minutes in 0 degree (with wind chill) weather to take my photo. Since no one is paying me I stayed inside and snapped away. Who can blame me?!

I hate it though. The color is terrible and the details are completely lost. My apartment is a very dark – and DUSTY! – hell hole at 8 am! First photo of the year and already I’m not liking it. It doesn’t help that I am wearing black pinstripe pants and a black sweater. I tried to throw more light in the room but it didn’t work. Oh well. It was an extraordinary set of circumstances this morning. Let’s hope I don’t have to do too many of these as there just isn’t enough light in here (did I mention I live in a basement apartment? yeah…).

I’ve said before but I will share again that this is not normally what I wear to work. Normally I wear black slacks, black flats and a company issued polo. Boring but simple and easy. It’s my days off when I dress up. On the days I am asked to fill in on what would have otherwise been a day off for me there are usually lots of other things I have to do besides work so I dress in something fun and out of uniform. Besides I wear those polos too much anyway and the dress code allows me to get away with business attire if I so choose so it’s nice to justify some of my clothing purchases this way.


Short-sleeved White button down tunic: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Black pullover long sleeve sweater: Thrifted (dunno…I think at least before 2007)
Pinstripe black wide leg dress slacks: Thrifted (August 2011)
Sparkly flats: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Mesh metal tie necklace: Forever 21 (October 2011)


I didn’t pick out my jewelry until I was fully dressed and thought – well wouldn’t a tie be great with this. Ta da! A kitschy necklace sure but I love it! And it fell in exactly the right place. Interestingly enough it is the only piece not from Lane Bryant. While 2 of my pieces are thrifted they are Lane Bryant pieces. And the sweater is so old it has a different logo label and has no “season” label at all.

Sadly these sequined flats are about ready to give up the ghost. They are almost totally shot inside. Sigh. I like my sparkle! Great shot of my pinstripe pants though.