Friend Friday: New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions 2012

Now that Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) is over its time for New Years and those horrible awful promises we make to ourselves to be better people. Last year I vowed to lose weight. I did. Then I gained most (if not all) of it back. Damn.

This year though I’m not sure I can make another promise I can not keep like losing weight or whatever. I hate doing that. So instead I will be making a resolution that I know I can keep.

I intend to broaden my horizons and do whatever I can to get this completed.

Easy enough! We are getting married in Las Vegas in May, complete with a trip to the Grand Canyon. I have not been to either of these places. And I intend to go back to school in the fall. I need to do this for me if nothing else even if I just do a class or two for awhile. I have been out of school for a decade so it will take some getting used to. And I would really love to see the ocean. That’s right – I’ve never seen the ocean. I have even been to Washington DC and not seen it (class trip, nothing I could about seeing it since it wasn’t on the itinerary). I’d like to go somewhere where I can see it. It doesn’t have to be the destination – just a chance to see it. I have traveled all over the Midwest/Plains/Mountain states and I’ve even seen Lake Michigan but the ocean alludes me. Go figure. Time to correct that I think.

And I am promising to try to be more involved in blogging, more involved in commenting and more involved period. I tend to keep to myself and since I’m an introvert that’s the way it is. I have to practice at being an extrovert and it’s hard! But I promise to *try*. That’s all we can do right?

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