Merry Christmas, Happy Yule or Whatever you Celebrate!

Dear Blog Readers, Family, Friends and Internets:

It’s that time of year where you get cards in the mail, spend way too much on gifts for people you may or may not like, attend events you may or may not want to actually attend and celebrate the season however you best do it. I grew up with Santa and Christmas while appreciating Yule so I have a varied background and appreciate all of the holidays that occur at this time of year – and yes there is more than just Christmas to celebrate.

I pondered writing this “Christmas” letter and what was the point but ultimately I am doing it because this time of year forces me to remember everything that occurred in the past year and appreciate where I am now.

I started blogging my outfits. I’ve had this blog for years but it was personal with no focus. It’s been challenging at times but honestly it forces me to be creative and I love that. And its forced me to take a new look at my closet and all that I own. I definitely wear more than just the one outfit everywhere which is lovely.

I got engaged and am getting married in 5 months. Holy crap!

I am reading more than ever thanks to my Nook. I was always a reader but this is something else entirely.

I got surgery on both of my hands for Carpal Tunnel. I don’t wish Carpal Tunnel on anyone – damn that hurt! But it’s been a relief not having it. The only thing is that now the muscles in my hands move differently and produce a different looking fist. Small and unimportant but something I noticed.

I decided to go back to school but ultimately decided I needed to do the hand surgeries first then school. Next year. Promise. 🙂

And last but not least all of my family and friends that have been there – thank you. And thank you to all my blog readers. I appreciate you all so much on so many levels.

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and Happy Holidays!




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