Daily Outfit: An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Confession time of something that’s embarrassing for me: I suck at commenting. There I said it.

I really love all the comments you guys leave and I absolutely read every single one. I also, 100% absolutely read your blogs too and I believe 24 out of 25 times I will then pick you up and follow you (I can’t think of anyone who has commented here that I don’t follow but just to be safe! 😀 ). Where I fail is in responding to your comments here right away (I am *really really* bad about this) or in commenting on your posts on your blog (I’m way worse at this!). A lot of times I am reading your posts on my iPhone on my breaks at work and it is cumbersome to comment so I wait and then I forget to do it until 2 days later or something. I still think your awesome but now we’ve gotten to that awkward “I’m so late commenting” thing.  And I feel even more awkward.

I just want to say though that if you have ever commented here I have read your comments, I read and follow your blog and your awesome too (no really, all my regulars are AWESOME! and I love seeing an email saying one of you commented) and I really mean to comment on your posts – your fantastic in your own right! – but I am not much of an online commenter in general (I’ve been a member of a certain message board for nearly 6 years but only have 1900 posts or so). I have to keep reminding myself to comment – you can’t read my mind after all – but I can do so much better. So so much better.

I promise to do better. I promise to comment more, I really will.

Until then I present my Ugly Christmas Sweater Woot t-shirt from 2007 (purchased on Christmas 2007 and not a reprint thank you very much). I love this thing! No seriously I adore this! So much so the fiance is going to wear it to his ugly Christmas sweater day at work on Friday. I dare say I need to show all my Woot shirts off sometime. I seriously have 20 of them, mostly from 2007 before I backed off buying so many. I’m turning into a Sheldon with all these shirts.

Now back to the outfit. I had several days off in a row this week and went nowhere. At all. Instead I stayed home and baked until my treat boxes were full and I was out of flour. Consequently this is the only outfit I actually wore all this week and all I did was go to a movie in it. Eh. Oh well. Got me in the festive mood!


Ugly Christmas Sweater: Shirt.Woot (December 2007)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Red fleece clogs: Shopko (September 2011)


2 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: An Ugly Christmas Sweater

  1. I am a sucky commenter, too. I read over 60 blogs a day, and maybe leave one comment, and steal a whole bunch for my Pinterest.

    I love that tee! It is kitschy enough to thumb it’s nose at the whole Holiday sweater thing.

    W. 🙂


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