Daily Outfit: Bright Sun Shiny Day!

So when I went to take these photos I didn’t think it was that bright out really…and it was cold! I’m talking like 10 degrees cold. I wanted to take them and get back inside. It wasn’t until I downloaded them that I realized that my eyes were closed in ALL of my full length photos. And my dress was static clinging to my leggings. Sigh. Oh well.

I haven’t given up taking photos outside yet, but it’s close. It is just too freaking cold to do it.

Incidentally I had what was supposed to be my last doctor’s appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon today. It’s not my last appointment after all. I’ve been using my right hand too much and it aches and hurts. My doctor wants me to come back in a month and check on my progress. Until then I wear the brace as much as I need to and baby it as much as possible. I tell ya this damn carpal tunnel or rather now my lack of carpal tunnel due to the surgeries.

And I can tell I need a bang trim. I already scheduled an appointment for next week. Every time I do it makes me wonder when I am going to give up my bangs. But honestly I had no bangs for decades – it’s nice having them back.


Black sleeved deep V-neck t-shirt dress: Walmart (October 2008)
Black leggings: Lane Bryant (August 2010)
Zip-up studded Black booties: Avenue (Oct 2010)
Pink paisley scarf: thrifted (October 2008)
Blue crystal earrings with pearl drops: Gift (August 2010)