My Week in Photos

Between a really bad incident at work (which I keep thinking about over and over and how I could have done it differently with a customer) and a hand that was killing me so much I lapsed into a 13 hour sleep coma (not waking once) I nearly pissed the weekend away. Add in some Christmas shopping yesterday and I didn’t get this up like I wanted. Oh well. Better late than never especially since this was a rather uneventful week.

  • Got our wedding invites in the mail along with the vintage stamps we are using. So I stamped up a bunch of the envelopes. Took 2 hours to do 20 or so. Had to look up when the postage is going up and how much to make sure I got it right. Labels are next (vintage mailing labels) but that will take a while as I don’t have everyone’s address.
  • Got some Christmas decorations up. I am just about done though and will probably show those next week.
  • It snowed on Saturday. Like enough we still have snow on the ground. First actual snow of the season. Beginning to feel like Christmas.
  • PF Chang’s for dinner. Not your typical chinese food but I love the lettuce wraps!
  • Went to The Durham Museum. Durham is our old Union Station. Since Omaha is the headquarters of Union Pacific this place is a showpiece. It was when it was opened in 1931 and it still is today. Art Deco design and just absolutely beautiful. I adore going here. And every year I make sure to go and see the Christmas tree and the annual miniatures exhibit. Makes my season. And this year they have an exhibit of iconic cinema historical costumes worn in different movies. It just opened so all you Omahans still have plenty of time to go check it out. Some amazing pieces (the detail on all of them was fantastic!) but photography wasn’t allowed so no photos. 😦 There are going to be a few talks and other things about period costuming and I think I may just have to go. The history of fashion fascinates me.
  • I even took a photo of a photo they had displayed of the first Christmas tree in Union Station in 1931. Beautiful!