Friend Friday: My Wish List

What’s on my holiday wish-list this year?

This is totally for all those peeps that asked me what I want. A blog post was way easier to point to!

  • iPad 2. Yes I am still deeply in love with this and I still want one badly. Maybe next year – I have a wedding to pay for. And by then maybe a new one will be on the market.
  • Series 2 of the e-ink (black and white) Nook with this case. I have the first edition and it’s got a cracked button. It’s also very slow, has a terrible battery life (and it’s getting worse) and is rather heavy. So heavy that I take it out of my purse frequently and then forget it at home. The new one would be infinitely easier to use and carry around for me. My old one could go to my fiance who would probably never take it from the apartment and most likely would leave it on his nightstand the majority of time. He reads just not anywhere nearly as much as me…I usually (though not lately) will polish off 2 or 3 books a week.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 – yes I have a blog and no I don’t have this. I really need this!
  • Sims Medieval
  • Flat Iron for my hair – I’ve got a little travel size thing that works (mostly I just have to flatten my bangs) but it would be nice to have a bigger one as it wouldn’t take as long.
  • 11/22/63 by Stephen King preferably for Nook but dead tree is ok too.
  • This blog notebook! Too funny! I love the cover!!
  • Winter Boots – something like these, these or especially these. I’m also crushing on the Sorel 1964 boots.
  • Clothes – I’m crazy about big comfy sweaters, button down tunics and tunic style dresses right now. I also need some new lounge clothes to wear around the house. And some colorful tights (like sweater or We Love Colors tights) would kill. Especially something in pink, green, orange and purple. Oh and knee-high or over the knee socks.
  • Wrist warmers or fingerless gloves. I’m really loving these right now and they are EVERYWHERE so total win.
  • Of course the gift cards: Barnes and Noble (for my Nook), iTunes (for my iPhone), Avenue/Lane Bryant/Torrid for clothes
  • Vintage cookbooks, reproductions or the real thing. The grosser the recipes the better!! One of my prize possessions is a Jello cookbook from 1963 (ham and tuna salad anyone?). Jello cookbooks (not new ones…old ones with sad recipes in them) make me so happy!
  • King Size pillows for my bed. Yup. That would be heavenly!
  • Keurig coffee maker
  • OPI nail polish – specifically the Muppet line. I’m also digging glitter polish right now.

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6 thoughts on “Friend Friday: My Wish List

  1. 😀 I kinda want that journal too! Even though I haven’t written a “real” journal entry in like 2 years… my journal is now filled with notes/outlines for my scripts instead.


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