Visual Friend Friday: Who Did You Want to Be?

Create an outfit about the person they would like to be if circumstances allowed or the person they thought they would be now when they were little.

Seeing as how I wanted to either be a meteorologist, astronomer, medical technician or research historian (or some combination of these) for as long as I can remember I choose not to do any of these outfits. Mostly because they wear professional dress and/or jeans & t-shirts. Matter of fact almost every profession I could think of to pose for wore a variation of these. Not very interesting especially since that’s how I normally dress (ok professional isn’t often but sometimes I do).

So I decided instead to pull together something that looks as if I could be in fashion or maybe just in a bigger city than I am in now where fashion moves to the forefront. Something I would not (probably) wear in real life. For that, of course, I couldn’t use any of my own clothes. So Polyvore to the rescue!

What do you think?


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2 thoughts on “Visual Friend Friday: Who Did You Want to Be?

  1. Hi, thank you so much for taking part in this 🙂 I love the outfit you put together, it really is both stylish and season-appropriate (I think there often is an appalling lack of practicality (speak: warmth) in a lot of stylish outfits, don’t you think?)! Also, it’s an outfit that ticks all the boxes for me, as it has a consistent color scheme but also has a pop of color against it, which is consistently repeated throughtout 😀 [Also, the tights are fabulous!]


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