My Week in Photos

I meant to get this up earlier today. I didn’t feel like it. It was just one of those days. 😀

  • It’s gotten super cold but there are still autumn leaves. It feels like Thanksgiving! YAY!
  • I got my plaster cast/splint off. The blue lines are the ballpoint pen used to draw the surgery line. They came off fine after a few scrubs.
  • On the left are Chicken Margarita Fajitas from Carlos O’Kelly’s. On the right is all the rice that was propping up HALF a chicken breast. The vegetables were buried underneath the rice. I *hate* rice with my Mexican/Tex-Mex food. Absolutely hate it. And they changed my favorite dish. Who eats rice on fajitas?! NOBODY! Not only am I sad but I am super super pissed off about it. What a waste of money. I will never go back to Carlos O’Kelley’s (though to be fair I’m not missing much).
  • I was tossing some paper work when I found this fortune. I got it at lunch one day on my 4th or 5th date (I think 4th) with my fiance. Yes, I do remember. Where’s a little happy bashful face full of hearts right now when you need one?!
  • I made myself feel better about the Carlos O’Kelly’s dinner with a PB&C shake at Cold Stone Creamery (peanut butter & chocolate – the best they serve there!).
  • The ferris wheel inside Scheel’s (a sporting goods store). A bear nearby. Love that store!