Daily Outfit: Easy On and Off

I actually wore (and took photos) of this last week but I decided to wear it (minus the shoes & earrings) to my carpal tunnel release surgery a few days ago. It’s just a dress, a jacket I know fits over the cast and a scarf. So simple. And I could do it all with one hand and no help. That was important which is why I decided to pull this out again on Monday.

My fiance (now known as my husband-elect since he hates the word fiance) couldn’t come with me this last time due to work but his wonderful mother stepped in and was there for me. Thank god. I’ve having trouble with a lot of things as I’m so dependent on my right hand so forgive me if I’m lame on the blog posts. I have been great on Twitter and Facebook though as I’ve spent almost every minute since the surgery in front of the TV on my iPhone. Internet is easier to manipulate on there instead of on a keyboard.


Black maxi with sleeves: Evans UK (April 2011)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Orange-pink tapestry scarf: Walmart (February 2007)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Large fishhook earrings with dangling crystals: Evans UK (April 2011)