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Making our wedding about us and who we are and what we want is easy for me…but very hard for my fiance. I’ve been married before. He hasn’t. So he’s coming in with all these pre-conceived ideas and I already know what it’s like to do things “because your supposed to”. We end up in discussions that boil down to – this is what we want. This isn’t about anyone but us.

So when is the right time to get married? Aside from me personal experience (waiting until at least mid to late 20s as mental illness shows up in the early to mid-20s) I have none. Whatever works for you. It’s a legal obligation in the long run and you are promising the state that you will legally be bound to someone else. It’s a difficult thing to want to agree to if your heart isn’t in it.

Lies your English Teacher told you. It’s been featured the last few days on Freshly Pressed on WordPress but it’s interesting reading.

Never before seen photos from the Titanic disaster are going up for auction next Saturday. Wowza. I am of 2 minds – I am looking forward to next April (and my birthday) and dreading it. My birthday is April 12 – just before the 100 anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and you just KNOW there will be a lot of news/morning show talk about it.

I have been on a major Siri kick since I got the new iPhone 4S. Sure I’ve used her to remind of things, find directions, text, etc but the funny things you can get her to say are the best!! And there are already blogs: Shit That Siri SaysSiri Says and Shit Siri Says.

A man after my own heart! Photos from inside an airplane from across the USA. I totally love taking photos on a flight. And I’m deathly scared of heights! Just not from a plane. Go figure.

I love this tattoo advice cross stitch pattern!

Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who?! ARGH!!

And speaking of Doctor who this is all of the Doctor’s regenerations:

Being an actual Pan Am stewardess. Interesting to see how close they got!

Pottermore’s house crests – very pretty!

Beautiful illustrations by Nan Lawson.

A short story by Wil Wheaton. Rather liked it! But I like his writing.

The three different types of cats. I think it’s the pictures that do it though!

And speaking cats…the Bloggess has posted something about her’s. Enough said!

Some not so cheesy love quotes – gotta love this. Only so much cheese a person can handle until they get backed up!

Wedding Registry Essentials – probably interests no one but me but I’m still sticking it here.

Lots of pretty printables – I’ve linked most (all?) of them before but I don’t care. Still like them!

The Go the Fuck to Sleep: Mad Scientist Edition – not sure it its funny or a ripe-off.

When your home is burning what do you take? What did this blogger take? How awful. And we’ve had a rash of apartment fires in the area lately and it’s making me nervous. I think I need to up my rental insurance again. I do not trust the people who share my building!

Being single. It’s not that bad. Did it for a long time. And there are definitely parts of it I wish I could have again…like control of the remote! It’s such a stereotype but in this house it’s true!

Internet Safety – yup. I do try!

An Edgar Allen Poe movie? Um. Yeah. Okay. Whatever.


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  1. Aww I agree that you should get married whenever the time is right! I got married pretty early for some, but it just felt right 🙂


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