My Week in Photos

This was a fabulous week!!

  • I got the new iPhone 4S! I am coming from a 3GS so there are some major upgrades for me. Namely the camera. This thing takes wicked fast, high def photos. I absolutely love it! I am also loving Siri. It’s utterly fantastic. I’m putting together a review to post this week sometime for those curious about the phone.
  • Cold Stone peanut butter something something cake. O.M.G. Said like a teenager of course!
  • Kobe! This is where my fiance wanted to go for his birthday celebration with his folks. I love this place. It’s one of those Japanese places where they have a chef at the grill table making everything. Entertaining and delicious. They even have a suit of samurai armor in the lobby.
  • My fiance and I also took out my nephews for their birthdays (the older one shares the day with my fiance and the younger one’s is next week). We went to The Amazing Pizza Machine. Imagine a pizza buffet place (food isn’t great but it doesn’t totally suck either) with an arcade attached. Plenty for the big kids as well as the littles. Including my fiance’s favorite version of Dance Dance Revolution. Sucks him in each time.