Linkage Love

So in case you didn’t know…I got my phone yesterday. The new iPhone 4S. And I absolutely love it! I love messing with Siri most of all, yep most of all. For example if you tell Siri to “sing a song” she replies with “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do”. These are lyrics to “Daisy Bell” which was the first song ever sung by a computer in 1961. I’ve been enjoying my new phone immensely!

Talk Nerdy To Me has also highlighted all you need to know and Gizmodo lists out all the new iOS5 features.

Episode 1 of Dragon Age: Redemption – Tallis featuring Felicia Day. Fan girl all the way!

Men Are in Trouble. Interesting reading.

The perfect comic for all you geeky guys!

Spoilers and review of The Wedding of River Song. Not at all shocked by this. Loved the episode!

All of this last season in about a minute and half. Yep, pretty much covers it.

A Pottermore review by Nerdist. I always was going to write one up and got lazy and never did. Oh well.

A very cool Tetris-like wedding cross stitch sampler. I may have to do this one!

5 Facebook Faux Pas – I do all these as well.

A cool photo contest here in Omaha. I may have to enter!

How to Dress for NitWit Young People – I’m only 30 and I agree with this!

Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda…and now they advertise…

Very interesting street photography – love these images!

Elissa’s take on low self-body image and shopping. Hits some nerves.

Steve Jobs. What more is there to say? From what I’ve heard a difficult person to work with and for but he changed all of our lives. iPods, iPhones and iPads heck even my Windows 7 operating system. His 2005 Standford commencement address and a post at Nerdist.

I want all these from Torrid:
Peacock Tights
Lace Leggings
Amazing lace up boots
More amazing boots

Snowmaking at Loveland Ski Resort in Colorado. My father worked here for years and years doing this very thing. The ski season started there yesterday! Little known fact about me: I learned to ski when I was 5 years old and I am quite good at it. Haven’t done it in years but its like riding a bike.