Daily Outfit: Easy On #2

I miss tie-on shoes. Even though this was the other easy outfit I wore with my cast on I am wearing the same shoes because they slip on. I can’t tie my shoes right now. It’s too much dexterity on my fingers. I’m working on it and I can do it, just not easily. And it helps with me gaining strength in my wrist for sure. Probably by the weekend.

Anyhow. I have never posted these pants before. That’s because I actually wear them (and a few other black slacks) to work and I really despise wearing them in my time off. It’s kinda like individuals who wear a lot of skirts to work – they usually gravitate towards jeans and pants/shorts on their off time. And it’s been summer so not a lot of pants to be had on my days off. But these have an elastic top and that’s what I needed to get dressed. It definitely helped.

Oh and since I wore this after work I actually had help with my jewelry. Thank god. I’ve been missing it. See my left hand? No engagement ring. Hand has been too swollen even with the gel brace. Until the day before yesterday anyway! Yay!


Pink plain sleeveless: Target (April 2011)
Floral Kimono top: Torrid (April 2011)
Black pull-on bootcut jeggings: Shopko (April 2011)
Black bow flats: Payless (August 2011)
Grouped Multichain necklace: Lane Bryant (August 2010)
Chain earrings: Walmart (Oct 2007)



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