My Week in Photos

Boring Week actually. Very boring.

  • Got my stitches out and my cast off on my left hand. I’m wearing a gel splint now but I’m supposed to keep working on flexibility. I hope it doesn’t actually scar like this. Oh and by the way the dot at the bottom is actually blue ballpoint ink from when they marked me during surgery. It was much worse but I’ve been trying to get all the ink off gently the last few days and this spot is stubborn!
  • Got a bang trim at my absolute favorite salon with my absolute favorite stylist ever – Lacey.
  • Gazpacho from Trader Joe’s. Yummy!
  • Took a field trip to Barnes and Noble for wedding research. Bought my “guestbook” album which I will post tomorrow I think.
  • Ate at Olive Garden this weekend during the Saturday night Husker game. Huskers lost but we had a 5 minute wait at the Olive Garden. On a Saturday. At 7 pm. Awesome. I love late games – everyone stays home to watch it on tv! I always get the same thing…the Tour of Italy. I eat all of it but the alfredo and it comes home with me. Lunch the next day. We also got the Smoked Mozzarella cheese dip – oh my was this good! But I can just snack on cheese so what do I know?!