Visual Friend Friday: Decades

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I adore and love this shirt dress, though I rarely wear it. Probably because its a heavy linen fabric and black. That makes it virtually worthless during the summer but it’s not heavy enough for the winter months. It feels too “dark” for spring (I’m a flower and pink and green girl in the spring) so fall it is. Which means if this year is anything like last year I have about 3 weeks to wear it. Gotta love Nebraska!

But a shirt dress is so very 1950s to me that I tossed on a cardigan, some small jewelry and some pumps. A modern 1950s housewife look I think. I wish I had a sweater clip as I could have worn this draped over my shoulders but alas I do not have one. Maybe that will be my next DIY project. Oh and a crinoline. I don’t own one but that definitely would have put this look over the top.

How did I do?


Black Linen Shirt Dress: Lane Bryant (April 2008)
Gray long sleeve cardigan with silk & buttons down the front: Thrifted (August 2011)
Black bow pumps: Payless (February 2007)
Crystal encrusted bird charm necklace: Forever 21 (Sept 2011)
Small heart like rhinestone chandelier earrings: Thrifted (June 2011)


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5 thoughts on “Visual Friend Friday: Decades

  1. I love your shirt dress! I have one that rarely gets worn because it’s too short…so only during tights season, before it gets cold!

    Thank you for stopping b and linking up! ♥ Shelly


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