My Postcard Collection

I stumbled over a blog post by someone detailing a few bits and pieces of their postcard collection. As if I had a choice on whether to read it or not!

I am a deltiologist. I collect postcards. I have since I was 11 years old. Currently in my collection I have around 600 or so (give or take). Typically I don’t buy every one I see or even every one I like as I have my own standards:

  • I’m into view cards – and I have a very strong preference on these. I prefer them to be of something interesting (landscape or historic building) with the words of the location printed onto it on the front. And a postcard of a Motel 6 doesn’t do it for me, the place as well as the photo have to be interesting.
  • I also have a strong preferfence for city views over nature.
  • I don’t like greeting card ones, animals or art cards. Though I do like postcards of art pieces I have seen in museums and such. Yes a double standard, no I don’t care.
  • I collect a range of years. Anything pre-1970 (or so) and anything mid-1990s and newer. For some reason I don’t like the cards produced in those middle years. I don’t know why.
  • I have a strong preference for places outside this country. USA is cool don’t get me wrong but International is what I love best.
  • I don’t collect for value. I don’t give a fly hoot on condition, rarity or anything else about the price of the card. I collect for what is *on* them and things I enjoy looking at.
  • I’ve never sold a card nor will I ever sell a card.
  • I always buy all the cards I can at an airport or hotel if i’m staying anywhere. And I love when friends send some or bring some back when they go somewhere!

My Postcard Collection 1

I belonged to Postcrossing for several years (still do I just don’t send cards out anymore). It was a load of fun but the cost of stamps and getting cards not to mention mailing them wore on me. I got tired of doing it so I quit. I may go back. After all I still have about 30 postcards stashed to send out. These are mostly ones I received via Postcrossing though I did mix in some I received from friends or picked up myself when travelling. I framed these in 2007 or 2008 so maybe it’s time to update or add a few more frames.

My Postcard Collection 2

Japan. I want to go here so badly one day. Sent from an online friend a few years ago. I have more in my scrapbook.

My Postcard Collection 4

Most of my current collection. Though I am missing a rather large chunk of them that I think I put away in a safe place and now can’t find. They include a couple of trips I went on, cards I picked up during high school, some from my grandmother’s collection when she passed and a few I picked up in stores. I’ll find them. I hope so anyway. Sigh. Serves me right for not figuring out a storage system until a few years ago. It was pure laziness and unwillingness to organize.

I also have a few dozen on scrapbook pages and in other frames around my apartment. I didn’t want to clutter this post with dozens of photos so I kept it simple. But these all fit in a shoebox. Gotta love that about collecting something flat!

My favorites are always the wide nighttime city views from somewhere – Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, London, Paris, etc.

My Postcard Collection 3

These are for our wedding guestbook. I may still need more. I dunno yet. All vintage Las Vegas or Nevada postcards (with a Hoover Dam thrown in too). Not as easy to find as I would have thought.

I will always collect postcards. Twenty years of doing it already why stop now? They make me too happy to stop!

If your interested in more information or postcard collecting terms click here.