Linkage Love

I see a lot of movies in the theater. A lot of movies. Usually one a week. Not always, but often enough. So this fall preview is right up my alley.

The 5 Upsides to getting married. This is too funny but true!!

First it was the abandoned ginger seal and now it’s an abandoned bald penguin. I can’t take anymore!

Yeah. I don’t even. Um. Just watch it…(NSFW at all…)

How to bring in more Women Gamers. I agree with this 100%. Which leads me to believe we need more women in on the game developer side or they just need to listen more!!

A Victorian Kitchen left untouched. Strange. I can’t imagine living in a house big enough to lose an entire kitchen! But an interesting find for sure.

Women in Saudi Arabia can now buy bras from other women. Something about this seems…I dunno…off. Like it’s more patriarchal shit from the “men who know”.

Probably the best icing decorating tip ever! Never “fill” a pastry bag again! How did I miss this tip?! Wow!

What to look for while thrifting. Awesome advice!

Knowing thyself and getting dressed on a dime. I should so this sometime. My only issues are shoes. They cost. I won’t wear thrift store shoes (besides they never have my size – I look just in case). If a shoe is truly fabulous I will buy them at a thrift store but don’t hold your breath.

Ten Rules for Fat Girls. Body acceptance.

How Harry Potter should have ended:

Preorders can now go in for the Mockingjay Pin from The Hunger Games. I’m not pre-ordering but I will be buying one I’m sure.

Banned book week – what are you reading?

An absolutely beautiful, romantic wedding shoot. Love this!

How to reply when angry or upset. Works for non-brides too.

News anchor participates in her own engagement announcement: