Daily Outfit: Gothic

I felt very very gothic in this. Like I should have been wearing shitkickers (what I call combat boots). Maybe when it gets colder. I have some lying around here somewhere. As it was I wore this outfit on a super super windy day last week, hence the capris. I started out with just the dress but caught whiff of the wind and went back to the drawing board with this dress. Look at my hair! What a freaking mess! I took nearly a dozen photos before just giving up and getting these, and these were the best. Sigh. Depressing.

Oh but this necklace! If you haven’t seen this before or haven’t been to Forever 21 check it out – this necklace is fantastic! Very very Art Deco for sure. I would know – I spent months looking at them online trying to find a wedding necklace.


Black jersey pickup point dress: Torrid (July 2011)
Black plain capris: Walmart (2007 I think…)
Gray “fishnet” scarf: Simply Vera from Kohl’s (April 2011)
Snake skin gladiator wedge sandals: Avenue (May 2011)
Art Deco crystal shoe clip style necklace: Forever 21 (Sept 2011)
Square cubic-zirconia drop earrings: Payless (Summer 2009)