Daily Outfit: Flare or is it Flair?

So surgery on my left wrist was yesterday. It hurts. No lie. It hurts. But a little pain now for no pain later is okay with me. I do, however, have about half a dozen outfits photographed just for this surgery. I wanted to make it easy on me especially since it’s pjs for me all week unless I am wearing my work uniform. So with that in mind…

Amazingly on this day my wrists were okay! Big shock! I could actually wear a bracelet. And that was where this outfit began. It feels very 70s to me so I dug out my flare jeans and wedges and then got stuck with the top. Finally I settled on this but frankly – in my opinion – it’s not enough. Hmmm. I’m going to try this outfit again before it gets cold (so I can still wear these fabulous shoes) but 70fy the top more.


Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Plain Blue long-line tank: Target (March 2011)
Black chambray button down: TJ Maxx (April 2011)
Boot-cut dark rinse Original Right Fit jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Christian Siriano Snakeskin wedge sandals: Payless (Feb 2011)
Long (all the same chain) Multi-chain necklace: Charming Charlie (July 2011)
Large black & metal embossed earrings: Payless (August 2011)
Wood Bangle – Bold – Stone Age (dark brown): Mango Tree Bangles (March 2011)


I love these wedges but man are they high! I can walk in them but with my height (6″1″) I feel very self-conscious as they add like 5 inches. Though these jeans are way too long and I’m too lazy to hem them correctly so a big heel is the only way to wear them.



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