I can not believe it has been 10 years. It feels like it has been every single minute of that 10 years and more but it also feels like this just happened yesterday.

I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was on the computer and I had the Today Show on in the background. I had just bought a new large TV the night before. So I was one of those that actually watched it all happen live. I watched the first cut over to the buildings, the second plane, the people jumping, first the confusion then the horror that unfolded on national TV in front of all us. And then I didn’t move the rest of the day. By that night I was exhausted and turned it off. I couldn’t take anymore. And if you up to it a great deal of live TV footage from that day has been archived. I also just found audio recordings from the day. Things like flight attendants calls from the flights, air traffic control recordings, the Hijacking recordings, etc. Chilling. Bone chilling.

Photo by Katie Weisberger

Photo by Katie Weisberger via Yahoo News

I don’t have anyone I know die that day (except for an online friend who almost lost his father at the Pentagon but the man had gone outside for his smoke break and wasn’t in his office when the plane demolished it). Most of the stories I know are from people online and blogs. But it’s still so real for me. Terrorism always is. One of the first real and visceral news stories for me is the World Trade Center attack in 1993. I was 12. Then Oklahoma City – I had just turned 14 and was actually watching TV that day since it was a snow day. Columbine (the fear and violence felt the same to me that day – It’s terrorism on a school level IMO) occurred my senior year. I was 2 weeks from graduation. The same age as the 2 murderers. Then the on-going terrorism through all those years. Then 9/11. I was 20 and still very young of my understandings of the world. Terrorism has always been present for me. I will never forget this day. Watching the videos brings it all back to me like it was yesterday. I will never forget the weeks and months that followed. I won’t forget how all of this has changed the world – and not just my piece of it.