Daily Outfit: White After Labor Day!

I know! The horrors!! Pfft – I could care less about wearing white after Labor Day. It’s a stupid rule that has no basis in reality or etiquette .

Oh and I have news. I have scheduled the first part of my carpal tunnel release surgery – my left hand – for Sept 19th. I’m going to work on stock piling some posts so I have to do as little editing and typing as possible. But if things get scarce around here y’all will know why.

And seeing the photos of this outfit made me realize I should have worn earrings, whether I wanted to or not. Sigh. Oh well.


Teal Paisley Victoria Dress: SWAK Designs (June 2011)
White short sleeve tuxedo jacket: City Chic (July 2011)
Criss-cross Black studded pumps: Avenue (Aug 2010)
Apache Tear necklace: my Grandfather’s DIY gift (1995)
Crystal bracelets: Torrid (April 2011)



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