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I’ve talked about it before but I wear a size 12 and have since I was 13 years old. I recall vividly trying to find shoes for my grandfather’s funeral and finding 1 pair in an entire store (DSW). I have had limited selection all of my life. Matter of fact not a lot has changed really. Check out this amazing lot from Poetic Licence – not a single one above a size 10. Sigh.

Poetic Licence Shoes

At any rate a couple of different posts on different blogs and websites made up my mind for me.

I love shoes. I really love shoes. I really wish more manufacturers would produce shoes in the size 11s, 12s, 13s and even 14s or 15s of the world. Until then I am doing a big favor to those big feeted gals out there and I am complying a comprehensive list of everywhere I can get my size 12s shoes and anyone with a shoe size bigger than 11 can find theirs. I am noting which sizes each has as anything 13 and above is infinitely more difficult to find.

I will update this as I find more resources – and stick it on the sidebar under Linkage Love. And if any of you out there know of any websites or locations to find size 11 and above please comment and let the rest of us know! Right now this is for companies that ship to USA gals but I’m totally willing to stick on some international love as well!

  • 6PM – Zappos’ clearing house. Lots of variety and styles. Able to search by size.
  • Amazon – lots of different brands and styles. Able to search by size. They have sizes all the way up to 16 but in limited styles beyond 12 and 13.
  • Avenue – another store that does wides very well. They have 13s but this is limited. All of their shoes come in 11s and 12s at least.
  • Barefoot Tess – starts at 9 and goes up to 15. Awesome selection for larger sizes.
  • Boot Dungeon – Gothic, Emo, Punk and Fetish. But they go up to a size 12.
  • David’s Bridal – yeah I know weird – but they have amazing heels and sandals as well as Vera Wang Bridal shoes that will go up to a size 12. Not everything comes in size 12s but they do have a decent selection of formal shoes.
  • Designer Shoes – up to size 16, expensive but a selection.
  • DSW – does not go above a size 12, limited selection in larger sizes and I never see any of these 12s in the stores. I have voiced my concern about it but so far nothing has changed. But it does have selection, especially of bridal shoes.
  • Endless – lots and lots of variety and styles. Similar to Amazon in limited selection above a 13.
  • Evans UK – a UK 10 is a US 12, mostly any way. They do wides well and they have radically different styles than what is popular here in the US. They carry up to a UK 11.
  • Fluevog – funky true, wide enough also. Rather expensive though. That’s the downside. Has up to a Women’s 13
  • J Crew – up to size 12. Not a great selection, and rather expensive too.
  • Lane Bryant – great selection of wides, to my knowledge all shoes come in sizes up to 12.
  • Nine West – not everything comes in 11 or 12 but they do have selection for these sizes.
  • Nordstrom – Up to size 14. Not a bad selection either.
  • Payless – I’m not overly impressed with their quality, especially for the prices, but they do carry up to a 13 on a lot of styles. They also have designer lines though most don’t carry above a 10.
  • Shoebuy – can search by size up to a 20. But like everything selection stops at about 13 or so.
  • Torrid – they do wides very well. Very very limited on 13s but usually has all styles in 11s and 12s, usually but not always.
  • Tall Women’s List – I don’t like how they have their list formatted nor do a lot of the links work but it’s here.
  • Zappos – lots of style and variety and sizes. Able to search by size. Up to size 20 but limited after size 13 of course.

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