Linkage Love

I have known some Magic:The Gathering players in my day. Even dated two that played. I was married to a Dungeons and Dragons player. My fiance plays World of Warcraft (well he just quit last month but played since Beta and got me into it), Starcraft, Diablo, et al. I like me some gaming nerds. And Jon Finkel! JON FINKEL! Not only only is he a legend (even though I don’t play Magic: The Gathering I do know who he is) but he’s hot as hell too! So why in the world someone who make him fun of him for this I have no idea. So not cool. I stumbled upon this at The Frisky and they have a very valid point – dating someone for “being so good at something you do for fun and not letting it effect the work you do out of necessity or your personal life and relationships, is one of the more attractive qualities I could possibly imagine in another person.” is exactly what the author of the original article missed out on.  How freaking judgmental. Luckily we also have Jon’s opinion. Love the internet!

Wickedly awesome fashion! Yes!

Ten Important Things I’ve Learned About Blogging – I don’t know if I agree with all of it but most of it is right on.

A Lesbian couple in a KY commercial! I love this! Nice normal people with normal sex lives. How freaking normal!!

Anne Rice’s new Comic. I have read the book the comic is based on (Servant of the Bones) so I guess we shall see. Matter of fact – as an aside – I own a First Edition for nearly all of her books and the ones I don’t have in First Edition I have in some other edition. Yep, I own every book she has ever written except for 2 of her erotic novels. Out of print. Sigh. One day!

River Song’s Journal from Doctor Who. Awesome! And at $10 I just might have to!

Secrets of a Well Dressed Bed

Steve Job’s calendar on first day of retirement – too funny!

The Bloggess has an opinion about body image and 8 year old girls. As always she is awesome! AND SO FREAKING FUNNY!!

Confused Americans Attribute Bible Quote to Captain America – except this isn’t a fair survey. I have no idea what is a Bible quote or not – I’m not Christian nor was I raised that way. I would have zero idea where this quote came from.

Women Fighters in Decent Armor. LOVE THIS! My characters always ended up in these skimpy things that never covered anything. Total BS!

Captain Jack Harkness’ coat. An authentic reproduction. Oh yeah…come to mama!!

I am going to a baby shower today and this sushi baby gift would be perfect (mom-to-be loves sushi) except for the fact that I feel like it would torture her. She is jonesing for some sushi. Otherwise I would have done it!

Addressing Invites When You Don’t Like ‘Mr. and Mrs.’. I have got to remember this when making out our invites in a few months.

What Typeface Are You?

Affordable blingy wedding earrings. Maybe.

Comic book sound effects hairbands – very very cool!

Every outfit Cher Horowitz wears in Clueless. I love this movie. Love it!

The coolest duel at a wedding EVER!!! EVER!!!

Zombie’s Day Out – sometimes they just want to relax lie everybody else!

Doctor Who and The Lonely Island Guys mash-up. Awesome. Who knew?