Friend Friday: Fall Trends

Name your five favorite fall trends and how you plan to wear them this season.

  • Chunky Sweaters – I already own some of these but I’m loving these still. I get cold!! And nothing is better on a cold day than a big warm sweater and some jeans.
  • Teal or Jade – a color I just love! I am thinking of buying teal shoes though and no clothes. I already have a few pieces in teal.
  • Menswear – This is actually my style so I already wear this kind of thing but I’m glad it’s still popular.
  • Black & White – yep me in a nutshell.
  • Lace – since this was big in the spring too I have sprung for several lace tops that I was going to wear no matter what. I’m glad they are still in so I can buy even more!
Fall Trends Examples

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6 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Fall Trends

    • It’s definitely moving into fall though so that’s something at least! I’m definitely liking the teal shoes as well…yup. Probably going to have to do that very soon.


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