The Capitol Site has Launched

I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan and I seriously can not wait for the movie in March. Heck I already have a movie poster on my wall. I wish I was joking! But nope, it’s right above my computer monitor.

I was not alone in waiting for the first look on Sunday night during the VMAs. But if you followed the hash tag at the end you come up with all sorts of links and interesting tie-ins. This should be very cool. First up the website – TheCapitol.PN. The logo for the Capitol was rather fuzzy until this afternoon. Sometimes it would be crystal clear and then fuzz out again. It’s now clear and clickable:

Once you click on it it produces a loading and sorting screen:

You click on the BEGIN REGISTRATION button and it sorts you into your district.

I am in District 2.

Not only do they have Facebook pages for each of the Districts they have Twitter feeds too – as well as the Capital – the original source.

First off it’s been really cool watching this website come together not to mention the coding on it is fabulous! I sincerely love when the movies get us involved in the world. That’s what has made Harry Potter so fantastic – it’s so interactive. Anyhow if you’re a fan at all check this out!

Oh and last but not least they have released what is probably Rue’s birdcall on iTunes. It’s short but it ties it in even more.