Omaha Fashion Week

Omaha Fashion Week.

It was all last week with the finale on Saturday. I debated going. I thought about it for a long time. But in the end I decided not to only because I work Saturdays. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get to the show in time to see anything. As it turns out the finale started so late that I could have gone. Darn it. Oh well. Next year. I promise!

But I do read local bloggers. Matter of fact I consider anyone within 3 hours of me local. They are compared to New York, Texas or LA at any rate. And there are several local bloggers who covered this very nicely indeed including someone who was actually in the show – Princess Lasertron.

I actually “know” Megan not from her designs or the local area. I “met” her on a message board we both visit from time to time. We have both been members about the same length of time actually. The difference is I comment so rarely that no one knows who I am on there – her included! And I’m okay with that. She, however, is hard to miss. Big surprise right?

At any rate I read any local bloggers I find (Omaha for the win right?!) and I just happen to go to the hair salon owned by someone involved with the show – T’eez – though not to Thomas Sena himself. No I just get his emails as a client there. Lacey is my stylist and she is hands down amazingly awesome. I’d write her a love letter if that wasn’t too creepy. I seriously have no intention of ever going anywhere else. She does my hair perfectly every single time. At any rate back to OFW…

First up, since I just mentioned her, Princess Lasertron and a few photos she posted. There is also video of her show from backstage:

Not to mention she was on the local cable channel with the Rock n Roll Bride herself:

I’m sure she will post lots more in the coming days and weeks. Especially since she just launched her line for the season.

Now moving on to the other designers. Our local newspaper posted all the highlights and kept me updated without me having to attend each night. And a couple of different local (ish) bloggers updated posts with the finale including video and lots of photos from Marlene and Jessie from Concrete Catwalk was able to come up and check it out as the well.

And certainly last but not least check out the complete video of the finale:

When other photos and/or videos show up I will be sure to link them up. I’m proud of our little Fashion Week and all our local designers!


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    • Good luck then. Love to see photos if you do. It would be fun but again, I have to work the next day so I’m out for that too. Better planning next year for me I think. 😦


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