Daily Outfit: Pigtails? Ponytails? Erm…Handbars?

Until figuring out what other people call this hairstyle I didn’t realize there was a debate about the name. Turns out a lot of people call these ponytails. Growing up I called them pigtails but apparently pigtails have to be braided and ponytails are loose flowing hair regardless of how many you have on your head. Who knew? But honestly I have called them handlebars since high school. Yes it’s a gross, disgusting and insulting “joke” but it makes me laugh. Always has! And as for why I have handlebars in my hair when I’m 30 years old? I wanted to. I know that there is a perception that this is the hairstyle of young girls or that you can be too old for this style but I disagree. I just don’t think so. It’s a hairstyle. That’s it. Nothing more to read from that. It’s like saying that pink is the color for babies and as an adult you shouldn’t wear it. Pfft. Bull.

I’m all about doing what I want when I get dressed – and not appeasing others! And as for this outfit…well…I don’t usually wear these leggings outside. I had just a few quick errands to run (groceries, post office, etc) so I didn’t do much more than throw some casual clothes on. I took a photo only because I know that I might never show an outfit like this here again!

On a related note I love buying clearance items at Evans UK. They are an entire season ahead so their clearance items are still about 6 months before we are wearing them here in the States which means I save money (their clearance prices can be AMAZING), I don’t look like every one else (which is totally me!) and I am still on trend.


Black button up capri leggings: Avenue (June 2011)
Green hanky hem gathered tee: Evans UK (April 2011)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Black bow flats: Payless (August 2011)
Chain dangling earrings: Charming Charlie (July 2011)
Raindrop necklace: Evans UK (Feb 2011)



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