Linkage Love

And as one of the comments said “It’s Sophie’s Choice!”. The BBC is running a promotion/competition – your favorite Brit type of thing. And they’ve got semi-finals up right now (until tomorrow at 11 EST) it’s Alan Rickman vs Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Firth vs David Tennant! Ok. For me Alan Rickman is a clear logical choice (sorry Benedict!) but Colin and David? Oy. If I had kids I would rather pick a favorite child than do this. It’s not fair. Not cool and NOT fun! In the end I have to go with David if no more reason that I really really love David – and I just saw his latest movie in Theaters this last weekend – Fright Night. Which was good! No really it was!

Zombie Engagement Photos – OMG I WANT I WANT I WANT!!! I don’t care if I’m not original and just a copy cat. I WANT!! And these seriously went viral overnight. I found out about them the morning after this photographer’s blog post was posted and they were pretty much viral by then.

Some very cool window shades. They way she paints them it makes it look like shadows outside your window. Fabulous!

Caramel Cake. I’m making this. Tomorrow. “The Help” strikes again I tell you!

Some of the wickedest vintage maps I have ever seen. Especially this one of Omaha.

You gotta check out these wickedly cool drop caps. An amazing project to create beautiful dropcaps all over the place. I may use them from time to time.

Sci Fi Timeline – we are almost up to Postman (year and half or so) and Back to the Future 2 is in 4 years. Think we can make either one? I want my hover car damn it!!

John Barrowman (Captain Jack for those who may not know) singing about The Doctor. Love this!!

I love Anne Hathaway. I love her even more now. And I don’t even like rap music!

Jeff Bridges hawking Summer’s Eve products on the Colbert Report. Yeah. It’s as awesome as it sounds!

How to tell if your blog has been pinned on Pinterest. Neat trick and no one has pinned me – not even myself! Yowza! Must correct!

The Nest – the magazine is now free and online. The Nest (and The Knot by extension) are not exactly my thing but I like to look every once and awhile.

Some of the most amazing beautiful storage and organization on the planet! I’m organized but *not* like that – I mean going to the Container Store was like porn to me. Wow!

25 of the best unscripted movie scenes. Not bad.

I’ve got some ThinkGeek points to spend at some point before December – and I’ve got a lot of them. So I’ve been looking at some of their stuff, freebies, not so freebie, etc. Was thinking about getting this, this or this. Maybe even this. I really want the Wizard Chess set but I would rather ask for that for Christmas or something.

Some WICKED kitchen appliances. Yes some ended up on our wedding registry. Oh man, buy these no matter what! Stackable ovenware IN THE OVEN. How convenient!

Have you seen the video of the Great Dane that jumped over his owner after returning from Afghanistan that made the news this last week? He’s from Omaha. Thought that was very cool.

Butterbeer Cupcakes. Do I need to say anything else? Yeah, gotta make these. Like yesterday.

OffBeat Bride’s Flickr pool – some AMAZING wedding inspiration for those not doing the Wedding Industry Complex..thing.

You need to get off Facebook. Eh. Not on it that much anyway. 🙂

“Hysteria” premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival next month and stars Hugh Dancy as a young doctor in Victorian England and Maggie Gyllenhaal as his boss’s daughter, who knows at the root of all these hysterics is a need for pleasure. I will definitely have to see this when I get the chance. Who would have thought – a movie about the history of the vibrator?!