Linkage Love

I stumbled on an interesting website that allows people to upload photos of themselves so show what real women actually look like. You can search by height and weight as well as size. It’s interesting see how different people carry weight on their frames. How eye opening! At any rate it’s My Body Gallery.

The Snugbug – a fabulous sewing/vintage site. Love it!

Rules to remember when thrifting. I usually don’t have issues when buying thrifted items but I should still remember this. Sometimes I buy something because it doesn’t totally suck and it fits me. Not a good reason! I was careful this weekend though. I swear!

14 Tips to Steal from Fashion Bloggers – according to Glamour anyway. Some I do. Some I think are stupid. Some are not me. To each their own.

Birchbox – $10 a month for a box of make-up samples. Genius! Definitely thinking of giving this a shot.

The 21 Day Challenge – as far as outfit challenges go this one isn’t bad at all. Jump in when you want and out when you want. I’m watching and may participate here and there.

What really happened to Frank Darabont from “The Walking Dead”. Fired. Big shock. AMC will figure out a way to run themselves into the ground. What a bunch of morons working there.

The coolest proposal EVER – you *MUST* watch it to the end – the first part isn’t the interesting part!

Remaking Bewitched. Yup. I did the same thing you are.

An actual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is being produced. Besides the Kindle/Nook of course (and yes Randall is right on with that!).

Spoilers don’t ruin anything. Like the comments say “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” I adore me some spoilers. LOVE THEM. I enjoy a story more if I know where I’m headed. And I too pick up on things in the story if I know the final result. I’ll admit something here I never thought I would. The leaked photos of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that hit the internet days before the book was released? Yeah I got a hold of them and read the entire book before it was officially released. I even read the epilogue first before reading any of the book. Yeah. That’s me.

Speaking of Harry Potter…the Pottermore Insider relayed all the questions asked for those trying to get into the Beta of Pottermore. Oh I got in BTW – I’m just waiting for the ok email saying I can log in! I will share once I have a few screen caps.

Being Female on Vent – interesting read. And she’s right, people are mean. But I never had the kind of luck she did. I *did* get harassed a few times. It cause me to quit playing briefly (like doing something else instead of playing WoW). Still interesting.

And speaking of World of Warcraft – an in-game wedding! How freaking cute!!!

Very funny at the beginning on welding a table.

Printable invites, cards, envelopes, etc – wedding as well basics for all sorts of things. Some are free (and those are cute!) and some are not. Regardless great design!!

Oh and another printable site with fabulous design!

I’m thinking of buying either these shoes or these shoes for my wedding. I gotta have the green. Blue helps but is optional. Glitter and detail would be awesome and they have to have shorter heels (3 1/2 or shorter). So far these have met my criteria. Though I gotta say I really love these, these and definitely these. In the case of the last though way way too high for me! Yikes! I can barely move in heels that high. Nope. But they are so beautiful I want to pet them!

Mad Men inspired wedding attire – yes please!! This would look smoking! The best part is that Mad Men inspired attire is big – in general – not just for weddings. Gotta say I love that look!

Barbie and Ken got married – complete with photos. I look at way too many wedding blogs and photo shoots so this was incredibly funny!

How to Deal When Your Wedding has gone Viral. Reading this just reminded me – it takes all kinds and everyone gets to have the wedding they want. And that is by far the coolest part!

The BEST Best Man speech! Very very funny!