The Latest in Thrifty Finds

This last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Second Chance as well as Goodwill. And I found some great items!


Top to bottom:

I got incredibly lucky and actually found some clothes that fit. This *never* happens. Seriously. Especially pants…and I found pants!! Pinstriped at that. Along with a gray long sleeve cardigan and a champagne “silk” blouse with some of the worst gold buttons I have ever seen. I’ll have to replace them with shell buttons or just plain ones.

Two felt pennants – the Idaho Springs one shocked me though! Finding a very old pennant like that here when I am from Clear Creek County, Colorado. Idaho Springs is nothing but a small town there after all. The Oklahoma City one was bought only because it was cheap and the fiance lived there for a bit.

These were the real reason I even went to Second Chance and thrift storing – Las Vegas and Nevada vintage postcards. I have this brilliant idea for a guest book – having people sign vintage postcards and then putting them in an album. I *love* postcards – I collect them after all. And for a city with tons and tons of postcards and a destination wedding this seems super fitting. I do believe it will take awhile to find all that I need. Though I did buy a lot of them on Etsy and have about 12 more coming my way. I’m trying to decide what to do about the “stamp” area on them though. I had an idea to use cool old stamps (I even have thought of using non-US postage in this area) or making our own stamp (though not too keen on this) and then “cancelling” it with a rubber stamp cancellation mark that consists of location, date and our names. Just like if it had been mailed. Then I thought about leaving it alone. I don’t want to actually mail any of the postcards as I don’t want them banged up in the postal system (and I *know* this happens) nor do I want ink all over them (destination bar codes). Any ideas out there?

Some random books – Kirsten’s entire collection of American Girl books (they were cheap and I don’t have her story – good for my kiddie book collection), 2 different Omaha books (the top is historical photos, the bottom postcards of Omaha) and a cocktail book. I buy cocktail books but never actually make cocktails. Eh.


2 thoughts on “The Latest in Thrifty Finds

  1. Great thirfting finds! It’s been fun to go thrifting again now that I can buy stuff again. I’ve found a few good things, but I’d love to spend some time in some bigger city settings.


    • No joke! I got super super lucky this week on my finds. Definitely bigger cities have more variety and finds only because of the sheer amount of people. Good luck with yours!!


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