Daily Uniform: The Last of the Uniform…I Hope

This is the last of the “uniform” I hope. I’m sick of wearing shorts/capris with tanks and something overtop. It’s too boring!! Time to spice things up a bit.

Matter of fact it’s time for some HEELS and some dresses! I am sick to death of dressing down with the same sandals. I have had enough of summer. Eviction notice has been served! Where is fall?!

Okay, done for now. Now very exciting all my ranting and raving but eh. Oh well. I don’t have much else to add tonight…just one of those days I suppose.

And totally unrelated I can tell my hearing is getting worse and my ears hurt. A lot. I think it’s time to get a hearing test and go to the doctor. There is definitely something just a little off.

Until tomorrow then!


Plain Red long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Black butterfly sleeve tee: TJ Maxx (April 2011)
Black knee length cargo shorts: Target (April 2011)
Silver beaded circle black leather flip flops: Torrid (July 2011)
Rhinestone skeleton key necklace: Charming Charlie (July 2011)
Multi-chain dangle earrings: Target (Oct 2007)



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