Visual Friend Friday: Where Do I Blog From?


This is totally real y’all. What can I say? I like to keep it real. Mess, dust and all.

That stack of crap in my vintage office baskets is just that – crap. Most of it is wedding samples or info, blank notebooks (I buy them then never use them – I like them!), an address book, some photos I need to scrapbook, a bracelet that never made it back to my jewelry stash, a ring sizer and a few other odds and ends. The mess on the desk is all Save-the-Dates for the wedding, David’s Bridal information and a tape measure – I buy a lot of clothes online. And there is always cords for every freaking electronic thing under the sun hanging around. Just be grateful that I didn’t show you my fiance’s side – same desk on the right of the filing cabinet & printer seen in these photos. He’s worse than me. This is *organized*.



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2 thoughts on “Visual Friend Friday: Where Do I Blog From?

  1. flyingfabu says:

    That’s not too bad! I’m such a visual person that I can’t file anything, otherwise I’ll forget about it. This translates to neat little stacks all over the room. Oh well! Thanks for being so candid and sharing:)
    The House in the Clouds


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