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I’m going to start with the sad news that everyone has been talking about for a few days now – Amy Winehouse’s death. Tragic and unnecessary. Props to Russell Brand for what he wrote in tribute though.

50 Americanisms that are entering the language in the UK – frankly this is a stupid list (and I have British accent in my head saying that!) most of that list is business speak which everyone hates. And some things like a shopping trolley instead of cart is absurd – it’s a cart. A couple of men from Oklahoma City invented the damn thing and called it a cart (after inventing “nesting carts” that is) – I think they get to decide!

Creating a static website using Blogger – very interesting. I created one just to see if I could. Maybe I will use it for something one day.

The best and worst products at Trader Joe’s – yup. I have to agree for the most part. I truly miss their Marsala sauce though! Sniff sniff.

Elissa has recently started a series on how to become a better blog writer – Part 1 & Part 2 so far.

Fashion-Era – a website devoted to the history of fashion. Damn spiffy.

Defunct Fashion – An amazing Tumblr devoted to bygone fashion. Love it!

How a man’s suit should properly fit. I’m not dropping any hints here. That would have been when I linked to someone. *ahem*

How to Dress Comfortably – yup. Sally is right on the money again.

How to Prepare for a Shopping Trip – again she’s good!

This idea is genius! GENIUS! Using a cutlery tray for jewelry storage.

Plus-Size-Tall – who knew there was a website out there just for me!?

Style 369. They sell a lot of the same stuff as Evans UK but IMO the selection sucks – Evans had 80 pairs of shoes in my size but Style only had 5. And a lot of their items cost more. *thumbs down*

Art Deco in Lonny magazine – oh loving the Art Deco stuff right now for some reason!

The real reason Christopher Eccleston left Doctor Who. I’m not surprised. Good for him for standing up for himself but he is a mega star and was going into it – maybe that was part of the problem? A clash of wills perhaps?

This is *EXACTLY* how I feel about summer. Hate it, good riddance. Can’t wait for fall.

Some amazing collections…I should have entered one of mine. Darn. But it does remind me I should document my vintage cookbooks on here again soon.

Half (-ish) of all Vikings were women. Not that I’m surprised – I kinda figured as much. It never made much sense otherwise. I love that part of history!

Firefly – Art Nouveau style! Oh my!!

Taking better photos: Part 3 – Photo Composition and Part 4 – Perspective

Some have said this was Amy Winehouse at her very best – you decide:


A brilliant way to introduce all the wedding guests to each other. I’m going to have to create one for my wedding website…might as well make it useful!
1920s Wedding Inspiration – beautiful!
Emergency kit for photo shoot – very handy!


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