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So first things first since Harry Potter is now totally done on to my next set of books that I absolutely adore! The Inheritance Cycle. What? Never heard of it you say? Oh yes you have. Everyone has. Eragon is the first book in this series. I see ya nodding your head and then saying “but it was so bad!” Which? The book or the movie? The movie didn’t do the book justice. Nor did the book do the novice writer justice. Really. Read the second and third books in the series before you decide. His second is much better than the first and the third is positively masterful! I am attracted to Christopher Paolini just like I am Jo Rowling…great story tellers. My favorite books all have that in common. I adore and love great stories and how they are told. Brilliant writers can tell a story that you never want to put down. Brilliant writers break your heart when a series ends or a book ends because you don’t want to leave those characters and that world behind.

At any rate I went into all this because his 4th book in the series is being released on Nov 8. And I am super excited! Interestingly enough I met my fiance the weekend the 3rd book was released (and that’s what I spent the weekend doing BTW – reading). It will break my heart just like Harry Potter has done – but all things must end.

A columnist at our local paper wrote exactly what I was thinking about the Harry Potter movies vs the books. Excellent summation.

The Hunger Games motion movie poster – oh yes!!! I can not WAIT for this movie to be released. Please don’t let it be an Eragon repeat!

Over Analyzing a text message is something I do too frequently. Well not as much now since I rarely text but definitely when I was texting thousands of messages a month.

The end of an era and no it’s not more Harry Potter talk – it’s Space Shuttle talk. So sad!!! These last few weeks have almost driven me to drink! I am exactly the same age as the modern space program after all.

Fashion to stay cool. Heat index has been 115/120 for the last week-ish. I *need* this.

An actual honest to goodness house made of Legos! Holy crap…how much did the Legos cost and how long did it take to build?!

WordPress tutorial for beginners on CSS and HTML. I know HTML but have never learned CSS. I probably should.

Wedding Related Links:

A rather spiffy Las Vegas Wedding. I want something like the last picture – love it!

A beautiful Gatsby wedding. My second choice for sure…after Vegas.

A Cactus wedding – another beautiful wedding!

Using Pinterest for inspiration – I’m doing this. Have pinned lots. Matter of fact I started a new board the day before yesterday just for brooch bouquets with real (silk) flowers in them as this is what I want.

The courage of being Offbeat. Yup. It’s not always easy. My saving grace is that I want a Cheesy Las Vegas wedding and people can get behind that one for some reason. That’s “NORMAL” somehow.

Photoshoot with some amazing jewelry – I am desperately trying to find a Edwardian/1920s/1930s necklace that is truly one of a kind to wear on my wedding day.

Having an awesome but simple wedding – what more is there?

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