Daily Outfit: HOT!

I wore this for one reason only – I’m hot and miserable and figure this would keep me cool. What is up with this heat wave? No thank you!!

This romper is good at that I tell you. It’s breezy and light. Kinda sorta like wearing no clothes at all. And when dealing with 115 degree days (heat index) it’s not like I have a choice. And the humidity! The humidity is worse than the heat! I can barely breath it’s so thick. It’s like inhaling straight water. Miserable, miserable, miserable.

I’m tempted to go see a movie today (a regular day off for me), even one I’ve seen, just to get some serious A/C therapy. This is absurd.

Oh and check out the jacket! I wanted one when all the other bloggers were buying it up. I have ONE white cardigan and that’s it for white toppers and I thought this jacket just had an interesting cut and was very versatile. But I never bought it. Whenever I checked they were out of my size. On a whim – a sale another blogger mentioned – I checked last week and not only was my size available but they had discounted it to $15 – which includes shipping! Yeah! So I bought this and one other lace shirt I hope to wear soon (but no way when it’s this hot). Definitely a good deal!

Sorry about the wash out. The problem is that I use a tripod with no remote so the camera has to focus on the wall when I hit the timer. A wall that isn’t light enough to overcome the white balance. I’ve tried a couple different tricks most of which have failed so does anyone out there have a suggestion beyond getting a remote (as my camera doesn’t support that)?


Black floral elastic romper: Target (August 2010)
White short sleeve tuxedo jacket: City Chic (July 2011)
Silver beaded circle black leather flip flops: Torrid (July 2011)
Pink floral gem necklace: Torrid (April 2011)


With lots of love,